Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Splendid Spring!

The Loft is starting the new season with quirky, spring sounds! Listen in for a folkie, feel April!

The Last Bison

Week 1

The Last Bison
Cristina & Audrey
Nothing's better than getting lost in time and space with these Virginians! This group brought an eccentric folk feel that teared up the stage. Besides rhythmic foot stomping, instruments like the violin, really created special sounds.

Mark Sexton w/ Soda Pants
With student band, Soda Pants, as the opener, The Loft sucked in many Sixth College students to support their resident advisors. The compelling, folkie feel started the night while Mark Sexton brought a youthful spirit to the stage.

The Mark Sexton Band
Another full house with a myriad of expression pieces. From poetry to acoustics, Blabbermouth is on the rise! Enter to perform for next month!

Sun God Battle of the Bands
From rap to acoustic, students assembled to duke out for the opening position at Sun God. In the end, Soda Pants won the hearts of the judges and audience. Congratulations, Soda Pants! After hitting many venues in the San Diego area, this quirky band will be opening up the Sun God stage this year.

Soda Pants
Elephant Revival


GSA Trivia
The Graduate Student Association brought an enjoyable night of endless laughs with interesting categories. Share your knowledge at the next trivia night!

NO15 Fashion Show
Spring colors and intense catwalks at The Loft. Sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth, NO15 Magazine projected a taste of the fashion world to students.

Elephant Revival
Grab your partner, and go round and round! These guys really know how to get the audience stomping their feet! With beers in one hand and someone's arm in another, Elephant Revival brought a mystifying sound and a plethora loyal fans.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Winter Quarter: Weeks 6 to 8

Swamped with lots of work, huh? 

We've got you covered on the last few weeks!  

Keep posted for our end of season events!

Joshua White

Week 6 & 7

Joshua White and SPiRAL
No wonder it was a full house! The crowd was hypnotized by the melodic tunes of each instrument. Professor Borgo and talent powerhouse, Joshua White, gave students a night to remember! 

Bitchy Bingo
Queen B! And no, we're not talking about Beyonce. If you came, you probably left feeling more fabulous and sassy than before. These ladies brought the house down with fierce moves and intense attitudes. Come back next quarter to enjoy the divas from Lips!

Toubab Krewe

Toubab Crew 
A Valentine's special for the lonely and the loved! The crew played a magical spell that enchanted the room with pleasurable energy! 

Reel Paddling Film Festival
After a week of back to back Artpower shows, the Loft was packed with guests ready to enjoy the world's natural beauties: rivers . From paddling to kayaking, we showed short films of different kinds of water-based activities. The series really left a memorable note regarding the preservation of our environments. 

Happy camper at the Thrfit Trunk Show

Week 8

Thrift Trunk Show
In collaboration with Sustain UCSD , we brought many students to The Loft to pop tags! With great deals and stylish finds, it was impossible to leave unhappy! If you missed out on the craze of shopping, check back next quarter!

Salsa Club
A spicy inferno! Every nook and cranny of The Loft was filled with hot dance moves. If you're looking to impress that one person with sexy steps, come to the next Salsa Club and learn from UCSD's best!

Thrift Trunk Show

Check back in a few weeks for our winter quarter wrap up!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Winter Quarter: Week 4 & 5

  Here's our recap of the last two weeks!

Akron Family

Week 4

A fiery yet endearing performance! Changuito, the Cuban percussionist, in hand with UCSD students, like David CasteƱeda, brought finesse to the stage. 

Akron Family
These guys were definitely in sync with the crowd. It was unexpectedly instrumental, but exciting as well.

Trend Launch Party
Trend Magazine launched their winter issue, bringing a happy and easygoing social event. It was a jubilant launch with Youtube stars and stylish students. 

Afrojazziacs and Science Fiction
If you went, you probably got funked up! The two performances fused to create a fluid show.

Chelsea Wolfe
Kevin Dockter

Week 5

This series is building with more and more performers each time! With UCSD's literature professor, Stephen Potts, and local talent, Ted Washington, it was amazing to indulge in the community.

Chelsea Wolfe
The performance was dark and eery paired with angelic voices. It was like a mix of heaven and hell! It was an overall big show that brought a huge crowd to The Loft.

Hip Hop Club
We brought the breakdance scene to the Loft! The event was casually attended with many couples performing to pre-celebrate the Valentine's holiday. 

Hip Hop Club

Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter Quarter: Week 2 & 3

Alex Brown Church of Sea Wolf

If the cold and flu had you down for the last couple of weeks, no worries! If you missed out, here's a recap of the big names that visited The Loft!

Eliot Lorango of Sea Wolf

Week 2

Sea Wolf
Warm bodies in a dark haze. Who knew these wolves can bring such a steamy atmosphere? This intimate crowd brought the sweat, on and off stage!

Trio Gadgo Gypsy Jazz
The Happiest happy hour with these exhilarating group! Delectable food specials and entertainment is always a good combination. 

DVC at The Loft
EDM beats and charismatic DJs! Did you see the guy in the fur vest? Talk about high energy that would make you want to start spinning too!

Terry Bozzio

Week 3

Kamau Kenyatta Trio w/ Ben Schacter
Jazz it up and bring it down! Over the top and dramatic is not always a bad thing, especially not with the Jazz king of UC San Diego, Kamau Kenyatta. 

Terry Bozzio, Alex Machacek, and Jimmy Johnson
 A drummer's treat it was! The show was overall unique and unexpected, but it sure was an experience! We too got lost in the sea of drums. 

El Ten Eleven
A musical feast for all. Kind of like a thanksgiving dinner with light shows and an vivacious crowd. You won't want to miss out on another sold out show again!

(DIS)orient Art Show
Get lost in May Yang's art pieces as she brings the effects of the opium flower to life! Loose yourself in a trance till the end of winter quarter at The Loft!

Kamau Kenyatta   

Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Quarter: Week 1

Did the cold keep you from checking out last week's events? No worries! Review what you missed out with this roundup! From art galleries to diverse sounds, we got em' all!

Kini Kini and the In Motion Collective
Julien Cantelm
Kini Kini and the Motion Collective
Who knew so many talented musicians and instrumentalists can fit on our stage? Good thing it was  possible because each person contributed to the groovy, salsa creation. You wouldn't be able to resist entering the musical trance and start dancing!

Who knew so many students at UCSD had the X-Factor? 
Check out Mike Cho's sultry, deep voice! 


Kian Lavi

Yellow Mambo Day
An Argentinean adventure at The Loft! Yellow Mambo Day celebrated Kian Lavi's photography series as he displayed the activities and daily practices of the Argentinean lifestyle. Check out the next art gallery event at the Loft by student, May Yang, on January 23rd!

NO15 Magazine VOL.V Launch Party
NO15 Magazine launched their fifth volume with style last Friday night. In celebration, they brought a beachy-pop band, great EDM beats, and impressive artwork to the Loft. Don't miss out on the next NO15 Magazine fashion show coming up next quarter!

Check back soon for week two and three!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Loft: Fall Finish!

Thank you everyone who came out to this quarter's fall performances and events! Missed out on a few? No worries! Here is a quick recap of what happened!

NO15 Magazine
NO15 Magazine Fall Fashion Show
The Loft's first fashion show was a night of glitz and glamor! Ed Ghost Tucker, a folksy-acoustic band, opened the event to create an easygoing atmosphere. Following the band was the NO15 fashion show sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth. Look out for the spring show!

Thrift Trunk Show
Retail therapy at the Loft, how convenient! In collaboration with UCSD's fashion magazines and Sustainability Center, the Loft became a venue for clothes-crazed students. 

Julian Cantelm & Dusty Brough

Leonard Patton

The Beatles Tribute with Peter Sprague and the UCSD Tritones
A full house! With lungs drowned in soul, it was impossible to leave! As Leonard Patton sang his heart out, the crowd ate up the jazzy tunes that Peter Sprague and the band brought as well.

Bitchy Bingo
Who knew bitches could be so fun? Pop, lock, and drop all over that dance floor, drag queens! It was more than just bingo with these folks. Missed out? Visit Lips in Hillcrest for the full experience!

Art Power!

Professors Unscripted
Progressiveness, all night! Each table was filled with engaged students and passionate professors. Watch out for other series with great food and discussions!

Board and Brew
Specialty Flatbreads, Craft Brews, and Tasty Soda Floats? Nom! Who doesn't like boardgames and food? Talk about a de-stresser.

David Borgo and David Cas

Star on the Rise! Who knew one can cater to both a young and old demographic? With superior vocals and a superstar aura, her performance enchanted the audience!

Lydia brought the cool kids to the Loft! No crowd can get as hip as this one.  The performance was a perfect college show as well!  

Niki and the Dove
Nobody can dislike this ultimate pop-duo! Switching from dance-pop to an R&B feel is something you don't hear everyday. 

Fighting with Irons

Clara C
Clara C and David Choi
Did you all like the Youtube upgrade? It was like watching a Youtube video, but better! Youtube sensations, Clara C and David Choi, set the bar this quarter by gathering fans all over San Diego to the Loft. 

They say performers perform for the crowd or with the crowd. These energizer bunnies definitely perform with the crowd ! What an electrifying and interactive performance!

Who's excited for next quarter? Get ready for back to back performances and events!
Check out our calendar here!